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The Cabbie's Guide To Manhattan's 5 Best South Asian Eateries 

Restaurant Review: Han Dynasty in the East Village and Hirohisa in SoHo 

In this clip, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says that the only thing that should be taught in science class is science.

Watch the first part of Bill’s interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson »

In Too Deep 

Louis CK On His Political Philosophy and the Value of Curiosity | ThinkProgress 

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Love this idea! Alton is so cool.



Alton Brown responds to tweets with pictures and post-its. Does this feel like performance art to anyone else?

Performance art? If so, it’s the best kind!


It is very hot today, Internet. Why not cool down with a little Ice Cube?

President Obama is the DJ in chief - NY Daily News 

Surprisingly, just one Latin artist made the list (Ricky Martin with “The Best Thing About Me Is You,” in a duet with Joss Stone). Also odd: Few musicians under age 30 appear - just Florence (of Florence and the Machine fame), the British band Noah and the Whale and the American act AgesandAges.


The inclusion of those last two gives the impression the Obama campaign pines to reach the hipster community. So does their inclusion of Arcade Fire (with “We Used To Wait”) and Wilco (for “I Got You”).

Reminds me of my favorite Obama t-shirt from the Inauguration.

great t-shirt


Ken Tucker says “There’s something weirdly mean about all the negative press Lana Del Rey has received before Born To Die was even released. It’s like high-school level meanness, directed at someone who wants to be a star and is really going for it. It’s like being punished for ambition.”

This is my favorite new Tumblr. Cracks me up.

This is my favorite new Tumblr. Cracks me up.

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